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Dear You,

Welcome to my window.  Here you’ll find the world as I see it.  I hope the thoughts, favorite writings, pictures, and human connections I’ll be sharing here will give you something to play with in your mind.

Best wishes.




When I become transparent,
I shall be a glass,
or prism or a waterbead
upon a vein of grass.gemimage


When I become transparent
I shall be the sky
or a single facet
in an insect’s eye.


When I become transparent
the universe will be
a little less invisible
through my transparency.

Barbara Loots

The Lyric



“How do you feel about anonymity?” That was the question asked of a 20-year-old English major looking for her first job as a writer at Hallmark Cards. I had already succeeded with the application (a series of writing assignments relevant to greeting cards). I had been flown across the country by the company for the in-person interview. (Pretty impressive for a girl in 1967.) My publication record at that time? A handful of poems in the college literary magazine. Anonymity was the least of my concerns. Landing a job with a stellar company? That was my idea of success. I soon said “Yes” to the job offer I got that day. The decision lasted 41 years. See more…