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You’ll be hearing more about this. A lot more. Thanks to a friend at church putting a bug in his ear–so to speak–husband Bill has embarked on Backyard Beekeeping with incredible energy. In only six weeks or so, his initial curiosity has evolved exponentially, beginning with a copy of Beekeeping for Dummies.

In addition to ordering a burgeoning library of bee books and magazines, Bill has built two complete hives, acquired all the accoutrements of beekeeping (suits, smoker, hive tools, etc.) and become a member (me, too!) of the Midwestern Beekeepers Association. We also met many bee-lovers, and attended several informative workshops, at the annual Bee Fun Day of the Northeast Kansas Beekeepers meeting in Lawrence, KS.

Mind you, we don’t have any actual bees yet. Bees need to get started in early spring, or there isn’t time for them to stock up on stores for the winter. We’ll get our first box of bees–yes, they arrive via the U. S. Postal Service–in about March 2018. In the meantime there’s a lot to learn. Hives have individual personalities, depending quite a bit on the temperament of the Queen. Every beekeeper has a story to tell and a different take on the art of beekeeping. The beekeepers we’ve met seem to exhibit a spirit of both independence and collegiality. These are great people. I’m pleased to meet them and proud to think of becoming associated with an activity that promises real benefit to the planet. As I said, you’ll hear more about this. I see countless Life Lessons ahead.