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Behold…the New Me.

Making the decision to “go natural” involved giving up the cachet I adopted decades ago upon choosing to become a redhead. Growing up as a regular brown-haired girl, I discovered in adolescence that having red hair, even temporarily, conveyed a certain social advantage. Do blondes have more fun? Well, redheads are “known” to be audacious, and that suited me just fine. I became a redhead forever.

The hair on our heads (or not) and what we do with it conveys a message and holds power, both within ourselves and in our public perception. Classic Bible stories like Samson, as well as the tradition in many religions of not cutting the hair, support the idea that hair makes a difference.

So I made the leap, celebrating my 70th birthday with a long-postponed decision. Surprise, surprise. I never expected to feel so…glamorous. Looks like I’m in for silver fun from now on.


(See Hair’s The Thing Part One 8/24/16)


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